We have a penpal group, they are from Tulsa (Oklahoma- EEUU).
They are older than us, they study in a high school. And his teacher's name's Amanda.
We have written them twice, by postal an e-mail-.We are looking forward to their answer.

OUR LETTERS: We have written these letters to our friends:
Almeria Thursday 13 May 2010

Dear Abbie,   

   We are Adrian and Alex . Our school is beautiful, it's new and big it has got 15 big classrooms,     greenhouse, a stoneds playground.  We have got  a library, computer roon  and a cantine and we have a good teacher.

Bye Bye, Alex and Adrian.   

Thursday, 13th May 2010.

Dear Elissa,

We love your city, it's very beautiful but it's very big.
Have you got a castle in your city?
We like singing and dancing. Our family is very nice.
We play football and we swim.
Javi and me, Marina, we have a new school. Our school is
very big and is very beautiful.
Our school has got a greenhouse. In the greenhouse,we've
got a pet. His name's Giny wormy.
In the library, we've got another pet. His name's Ginesin wormy.
We've got a big cantine. I hate its food. It's gross.

Goodbye friend Elissa. 
Marina and Javier
Thursday  13th 2010 May

Hello Paige,
We are Adrián and Lisardo.We like your postal-card.
Our school has got a greenhouse and a new library.
The library has got a pet, his name is Ginesin Wormy.
And, the greenhouse has got a pet, her name is Giny Wormy.
Good bye.
    By Adrian and Lisardo.
          May, 13th 2010                                                         

Hello  James!

We are fine, is your school big? Our school  is new, we do new things.  We've got a greenhouse  and library and two pets, our school is cool and beautiful.  If you like to swim I'm the best in Almeria. We've got a Burger King and the hamburgers are delicious!

Two hugs  James

 Thursday  13 th   may  2010

We  are  Sara , Javier  and  Alvaro.
Our school big have  a garden  a  big  gym and
a  basketball  court, a play ground, a library and
a big cantine.
Have two playgrounds and a lot of teachers.
Bye kendall.

         Sara, Javier and Alvaro
Monday 13th  may , 10

Dear friend Casey :

We are Andrea  and Juan francisco we are friends on the table .

It public and new school.

Our school the name is Gines Morata , our pet  is  Ginesyn Wormy and Gini wormyng.

Our king is Juan Carlos I and queen is Sofia.

My favorit colour is blue.

bye friends.

Andrea and Juan Francisco
Thusday 13th may 2010

Dear friends Daniel

We are Juan Luis and Andrea., In our  school  there ' s a  garden the plants , in our school

there ' a library , in our school there ' s a one pet name the uor pet is Ginesin Wormyn .

Our  school is new and very very  big and bautiful . My favorite colour is purple

and the favorite colour the Juan Luis is blue . My favorite food is pizza and favorite food the

Juan Luis is hamburgers bye bye  friend.

          Juan Luis  y  Andrea
 Almeria, Thursday 13th of May

Dear Abby:

Our school name's CEIP Ginés Morata. It have got primary and preschool. We are Galde and Dani.
I like Oklahoma. Have you got sibling?
When is your birthday?
My  birthday is eighteenth of May  and he's twenty nine
August. Good bye!
        Monday,10th,May 2010

 Dear Kaym,

We are Juan Alejandro and Pablo. We are football and basketball.
Do you practice sport?
Our school is beautiful, new and big.
It has got a gim, a court, two bigs playrooms and a pet lives in the Green  House.
Our court is very big.
Our class is small.
We´ve got a American ticher
                                           Thurday 13th the may

Hello! Dear Sydne,

 we are Javier Castillo and Teresa. I love singing and playing basketball.
We have got a very very beatiful school  we have just opencd it this course.
Thes school is big, there are trees,cantine.
Gini wormy is green house pet.
Ginesin wormy is library pet.

                                                              Many , many kisses!

         Maria Teresa Soriano Urrutia
         Javier Castillo Caballero
Monday 10th  may 2010                                                                                               

Dear Oriana:
We are Antonio and Marco (my friend).In our school there is a Greenhouse.Our Greenhouse  is beutiful.Giny Gormy lives in the Greenhouse our  pet of school .Our teachers are nice.

     Almeria thursday  13th   May 2010

Hello  Trenson
We are Alex and Jose.We like your postal cards and your          
good letter.We have a pet in our greenhause and his name is
Gini Wormy.We learn about animal and time in  english class.We have a library the name of its pet is Ginesin Wormy.


Jose and Alex.           
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